About Policy Janch : Reputed Name in Consumer Empowerment & Trust Building

Welcome to Policy Janch, a company helping the consumers in the insurance sector for 30 years. Our company is the group of experienced professionals & expert Insurance broker in Punjab who are committed to transform the insurance industry services. Our main priority is to defend and promote the consumer rights in the insurance sector. 

Decades of Expertise: 

Our core staff is mostly from the insurance industry sector who have spent more than 30 years negotiating the complex aspects of the insurance industry. We identified that need of fundamental change in the way of insurance services almost decades ago and we are continuously dedicated to transforming it while gathering a lot of expertise. 

New Initiative for Consumer Rights: 

Policy Janch entered the insurance industry to make the complicated world of policies and insurance more understandable for a common man. We completely understand that the complexity of insurance plans, claims and policy details might be difficult for you to understand and that can result in a fraud Policy Janch team’s goal is to save you from that fraud and make insurances more approachable and transparent for you. 

Transparency & Trust: 

Policy Janch Company is built on the principle of transparency. Trust is the most important cornerstone in a successful partnership and we value your hard earned money. 

Simplifying Insurances: 

The main priority of our company is to debunk the common myths about insurance which have been spread among the consumers. We eliminated the fraud strategies, simplified the claim procedures and thoroughly reduced the complexities of insurance policies. We are on mission to arm you with proper information related to the insurance policies so that you can make more informed decisions. 

No More Mis-Selling: 

Mis-Selling has always been a trouble for the insurance seeking consumers. Number of people who bought insurance policies have told us that they didn’t understand it. At the end of their story they might end up facing loss and dissatisfaction, Don’t worry Policy Janch is here to change that storyline. 

Policy Violation: 

Policy Violation can have a disastrous impact on the person’s financial impact. Policy Janch will make sure that you will go through all the lines and rules of your policy statement. So that you don’t get in any unintentional breaching of a policy. 

Trusted Insurance Partner: 

We have a very strong partner network with financial consultants and insurance industry professionals who strongly support consumer rights. You will never fall in trap again because Policy Janch will introduce you to the expert financial advisors who will put your interest first. 

Policy Janch trusted name in top Insurance broker in Ludhiana is more than a source of insurance information provider. You can depend on us for securing your hard earned money in the insurance sector. Our transparency makes us best among the others and don’t forget you get dedication and trust for more than 30 years. 

While entering into the insurance industry you can call us for being your most trustworthy friend in the insurance sector to feel more protected, knowledgeable and secure. 


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