Health Insurance

Welcome to Policy Janch, where you will find the best options to safeguard your health. We will help you find the best policy for your health that is tailored to your aspirations and provide you with the utmost financial coverage and peace of mind.

Why It Matters

We are covered with various diseases and problems that make our lives a living hell. That’s where our health insurance policy service in Ludhiana comes into action.

There are many of these issues like diabetes, heart problems, cancers and other various things that require a lot of monetary assistance for the treatments.

Policy Janch’s health policy facilities will help you reduce the burden caused by the bills incurred during these procedures.

Our Health Insurance Policies

Here are the best things that you can explore with our facilities given below:

  • You get a comprehensive network of healthcare providers and services both locally and internationally
  • They also provide extensive coverage for medical needs like hospitalization, surgeries, medications, diagnostic tests and screenings, special consultations, and outpatient care.
  • Preventive services like vaccination, wellness check-ups, and health programs help you maintain good health without any problems.
  • These services offer coverage for extended maternity care, which includes prenatal and postnatal care and treatment.
  • Understanding the need for strong mental health, we also offer coverage for counseling and therapies that also include substance abuse treatments to keep you away from drugs
  • Dental and ophthalmologic treatments to ensure the best condition for your eyes and teeth.
  • Rehabilitation coverage to help you heal from your physical injuries or ailments that are taking a lot of time.
  • Home healthcare covers the treatments you receive while you are staying in your abode.
  • Facilities that will help you in times of emergency if you meet any accident or have a sudden health problem.

These are some of the coverages that we offer.

Why Do We Need The Right Insurance Coverage

1=> You will get the appropriate financial protection to reduce the strain from the ever increasing bills you have to face.
2=> Get you the most suitable treatment for your issues with a wide array of healthcare providers and their advanced facilities for the best solutions.
3=> You will also get timely medical attention for your problems to avoid further complications and advancements that can downgrade the quality of your life.
4=> Your chronic condition management will be significantly improved and let you live without any troubles.

How to Apply

You just need to follow these steps to apply for our insurance

  • Go to our website first.
  • Check out our health insurance forum.
  • Contact our agents for further help if required.
  • Gather important documents like your Aadhar, PAN card, or driver's license
  • Fill out the form
  • Select the coverages you want to meet your budget constraints.
  • Submit the application.

After the submission, you need to wait for its approval to ensure you meet the criteria of the insurance and then proceed with the payment. Before that, you need to carefully read all the documents to ensure all the demands and requirements are getting fulfilled.