Policy Janch: Service of LIC Agent in Ludhiana

What is LIC

LIC (Life Insurance Company) is the biggest insurance company in India; it holds a 28% share of the insurance market. 11 lakh agents across the country are serving people with LIC’s insurance policies. Now, Policy Janch also offers you the service of LIC insurance to secure your financial future.

What our LIC Agents Offer you:

  • Educate About Life Insurances: Our LIC agent in Ludhiana will help you understand the various kinds of available insurance policies. They will tell you about the features and advantages of each insurance policy. Know the calculated cost of an insurance policy and how much coverage you acquire with the policy.
  • Help You In Choosing the Right Policy: Our LIC agents will offer you the right insurance policy by assessing your needs and financial condition. Get expert analytical comparisons between different policies to choose the best for you.
  • Handling Application Process: The work of an insurance policy is complex. Our LIC agents know all the legalities of insurance policies, and they will do the complete application process on your behalf. They will also assess you in submitting your application form and tracking its progress
  • Pre-Sales Service: Our LIC agents are reliable, unlike others. Most agents don’t address any concern related to the insurance policy they’ve sold to you, but you will not face any problem like that with us. Policy Janch has a dedicated team of agents to satisfy your queries even after selling the policy.

Why Choose LIC Insurance

1=> Financial Security: LIC’s slogan says “ Zindagi ke saath bhi aur zindagi ke baad bhi” which means you have financial security in a time of need. After you, they will take care of your family’s financial needs according to your insurance policy.
2=> Tax Benefits: LIC’s insurance premium is applicable for tax reductions. As per the Income Tax Act- 1961, under section 80 C.
3=> Opportunities for Investment: Numerous LIC policies offer investment opportunities to grow your wealth while securing your family financially.
4=> Retirement Planning: Ensure a financially secure and comfortable future with LIC’s retirement plan policies.

Policy Janch’s LIC Agents in Ludhiana:

At Policy Janch, we have a team of dedicated and experienced agents in Ludhiana. Our agents are committed to offering you the best insurance policy according to your needs. Our agents are skilled, and they know about each product and service of LIC. They will help you choose an insurance policy, handle application forms, and provide after-sales service.

Why To Choose Our LIC Agents:

  • Expertise and Experience: Our agents have worked in the insurance sector for years, each and everything about insurance policies.
  • Reputation: Expert agents chose to work with us due to our reputation. We have been helping people with insurance and legal services for years. Thousands of people already trust Policy Janch for any policy related service.
  • Communication Skills: Our agents are not freshers. They have years of experience. There is no worry about their communication skills. They will explain the complex legal information of your insurance policy in very simple words.
  • Trust: Trust is the biggest concern when a person chooses a policy and agent. Policy Janch’s LIC agents are known for their reliability and trustworthiness.

Few More Reasons to Go With Us :

  • Choose from a number of Insurance Agents.
  • Get the best possible service
  • Most affordable policy rates
  • Switch option( if you are getting guidance from any other agent, then switch from that to Policy Janch)