Simplifying Finances of NRIs

The life of a non-residential Indian (NRI) is often a tale of two worlds, balancing commitments and investments across borders. For NRIs in Ludhiana, Punjab, managing financial matters back home can be complex. That’s where Policy Janch, a renowned financial services company, steps in with its comprehensive suite for NRI services. Ludhiana based Policy Janch has emerged as a trusted partner in offering comprehensive NRI services, catering to the specific financial and insurance requirements of NRIs. 

Understanding NRI Services

Policy Janch understands that NRIs face unique financial challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s investments, insurance, or property management, our specialized NRI Insurance Services in Ludhiana cater to the specific needs of NRIs in Ludhiana. 


Let’s delve into the range of services

Investment Advisory 

NRIs often seek opportunities to grow their wealth in India. Policy Janch provides expert investment advisory services, guiding NRIs through various investment options. We keep NRIs informed about market trends, tax implications, and the best strategies to achieve their financial goals. 

Key Benefits

Access to expert financial advice

Diversified investment options

Real time market insights and updates

Assistance with managing investment portfolios

Insurance Planning

Insurance is an essential aspect of financial planning, even for NRIs. Policy Janch helps NRIs choose the right insurance policies, whether it’s for life, health, or property. We explain the intricacies of policies, ensure that NRIs understand their coverage, and assist with claims settlement, making the process seamless. 

Key Benefits

Customized insurance solutions

Assistance with policy selection and documentation

Claims support, even from abroad

Regular policy reviews to adapt to changing needs

Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is crucial for NRIs to achieve their long-term goals. Policy Janch crafts personalized financial plans aligned with the NRI’s unique circumstances and objectives. 

Why Choose Policy Janch for NRI Services? 

Policy Janch has built a strong reputation in Ludhiana and beyond for its commitment to serving the unique needs of NRIs. 


Policy Janch has a team of experienced financial experts who understands the challenges of both Indian and International financial markets. 

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and financial goals of each NRI client. 


Policy Janch believes in transparent and ethical practices, ensuring that NRIs are well informed about the financial decisions.

Simplified Processes

Managing finances from abroad can be complex. Policy Janch simplifies these processes, handling paperwork and legalities on behalf of their NRI clients. 

Comprehensive Approach

From investment advisory to tax planning, Policy Janch offers a holistic suite of services, addressing all aspects of an NRI’s financial life. 

Local Knowledge

Being based in Ludhiana, we have in-depth knowledge of the local market and legal paperwork, providing NRIs with a competitive edge. 

Policy Janch’s NRI Insurance Services in Punjab are a valuable resource for NRIs seeking to manage their finances efficiently and strategically. Our expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to simplify financial complexities make us a trusted partner in the journey towards financial success for NRIs in Ludhiana, Punjab. For NRIs in Ludhiana, Policy Janch is the bridge that connects them to a secure and well-managed financial future. 

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